Click “Add New Residential Search” under the client and you will see the above screen.

Mandatory fields include:

  • Label – Your own identifier. Useful to differentiate between different enquiries or options
  • Number of applicants
  • Number of dependants
  • Employment type
  • Loan type, mortgage type, term, value and deposit – You can enter a loan and the deposit will auto calculate and vice versa.


Two sections contain extra fields – Benefits and Help to buy

Benefits – Ensure you select the correct time period. If you have values annually and monthly, select one and multiply up the values and select annual

Help to Buy / Shared Ownership – Select the Help to Buy equity loan percentage, or select Shared Ownership and add the percentage ownership and the rent for the remaining part. The effective values will update accordingly.

You will then see a graph and table. Results can take between 5 and 12 seconds to appear. Occasionally a there might be a serve time out or an issue with the lender website and a result may not be displayed. You can click “Rerun” to send the search again to see if the ommited result comes through.

Click on “Screenshot” to see an image of the lender calculator and compare with what you expected. To see the input information, click “Criteria” between the graph and table.

Click “Link” to be taken to the lenders calculator page