Product Overview

Simplifying the buy to let affordability process

Our software combines all buy to let calculators and current lender rates into one manageable interface, allowing you to query your clients BTL affordability without complicated maths or maintaining large spreadsheets. Based on the same technology as the residential affordability calculator, but with the following enhancements:


Upload portfolio spreadsheets to populate the data automatically


Draws data from land registry to populate additional fields for you


Allow you to adjust loan amounts and values on the fly and see real-time the effect on portfolio borrowing


Export the adjusted data to many popular lender portfolio spreadsheets, saving time and increasing accuracy


Instantly understand maximum BTL loan amounts based on income, rent, portfolio, initial term and mortgage type

no spreadsheets

We’ll manage the rates and lender criteria for you.

fast, accurate results

Type your details and get a comprehensive overview of the figures in less than 10 seconds

basic and advanced modes

View the pass/fail status, view the figures, view the differences, you decide the level of detail you want to see

beautiful reports

Printable or PDF’ed pages excellent for showing clients or demonstrating your research


Removing the admin work so you can focus on what matters, giving advice

BTL Affordability

Return every lenders maximum loan figure in an instant

portfolio cases

Input a client portfolio and see instantly how this affects maximum borrowing

top slicing

See what disposable income means for the maximum loan amount

toggle 2 and 5 years

Quickly see the effect of longer terms on the maximum loan

Customisable Lenders

Customisable lender panel to return only the relevant lenders for your business

simple/advanced view

Toggle more detail about the calculation

Choose your plan



per month plus VAT



per month plus VAT

Buy to Let


per month plus VAT


15 day free trial with no obligation to subscribe

No credit or billing details required