Mortgage broker software designed to keep you competitive and relevant in the age of the robo-advisor

Our Mission Statement.

BrokerSense aims to design innovative software to help solve common problems in the mortgage broker industry. We believe there is never a one size fits all solution that works for everyone so we strive to develop components that can integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM providers, processes and workflows and create additional functionality.

We want to eliminate duplication and unnecessary administration work by bringing the technology benefiting the direct to consumer robo-advice platforms and digital mortgage brokers to the traditional mortgage broker market.

We believe that "people buy people" first. Consumers want to choose the best broker that will support the biggest financial commitment they will ever make, and we want to keep a human at the heart of the conversation.

Our Products

Technology solutions designed to free you from administration and focus on giving advice.


See what our customers think.

"BrokerSense allows us to be able to get an accurate snapshot of a clients affordability, instantly. The time saved by using such a tool is huge and allows us to spend less time re-keying the same data, and more time with clients. Wouldn’t be without it."

"BrokerSense’s affordability calculator is a real time-saving tool, having all the Lenders’ calculators in once place is a real godsend. You can be really surprised by the output and a Lender comes to mind that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought would have done the deal."

"BrokerSense is a great tool to provide me with a quick and accurate overview of many lenders affordability calculators. As a busy adviser this make my life simpler and saves me valuable time that I can use to offer my clients the best possible service. I love it."

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